All reservations require a booking fee via Mr.Black
No FEE = No confirmation


RSVP guarantees your entry into Sekai Nightclub. Pre-sale SECTIONS are available for most events, ensuring you have the best spot to experience our thrilling nights.

We feature both local talents and internationally renowned artists, delivering diverse musical genres and performances that cater to every musical palette.

To reserve your exclusive section at Sekai Nightclub there is a $200 section fee. This fee goes towards your 10 wrist bands for entry. Bottle purchases are a separate charge. Your reservation is only confirmed upon receipt of this fee through Mr.Black reservations. Please note, without this fee, we are unable to guarantee the availability of your section.

Sekai Nightclub welcomes you from Friday to Sunday, 10:00 PM – 2:00 AM. Be sure to also check our calendar for special events happening from Monday through Thursday.